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Semantics and the Ontology of Number

Semantics and the Ontology of Number
6 Mayıs 2021 09:34

Ashoka Üniversitesi’nden Eric Snyder, Semantics and the Ontology of Number adlı eserinde, sayısal ifadelerin bize ne söylediklerinin ve bu bağlamda sayıların varlığını sorgulamıştır. 

“What are the meanings of number expressions, and what can they tell us about questions of central importance to the philosophy of mathematics, specifically ‘Do numbers exist?’ This Element attempts to shed light on this question by outlining a recent debate between substantivalists and adjectivalists regarding the semantic function of number words in numerical statements. After highlighting their motivations and challenges, I develop a comprehensive polymorphic semantics for number expressions. I argue that accounting for the numerous meanings and how they are related leads to a strengthened argument for realism, one which renders familiar forms of nominalism highly implausible.”

*This Element is free online from 29th April – 13th May

*Kitap 13 Mayıs’a kadar indirilebilir.

Hazırlayan: Elif Büşra USTA


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